Kids At Midnight on her latest track ‘By Your Side’, her inspirations and 2019

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Kids At Midnight is the 80’s inspired indie/synth pop project of self-taught producer Jane Elizabeth Hanley. Showcasing her stunning vocals and swirling production, her latest track ‘By Your Side’ is the first taste of her debut album due next year, and the accompanying music video serves as an homage to “the beautiful unashamedness of 80’s music videos”. Take a look for yourself here:

We had a chat to Jane about her inspirations, her progression into songwriting and what she has planned for the new year.

Your latest single ‘By Your Side’ takes cues from pop greats including Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks, do these strong female artists hold a constant influence in your music?

Yeah absolutely. Once Kate Bush haunts you she never lets go! Without realising it they were the soundtrack of my baby years and that sort of imprints itself into your musical DNA and just comes out without you realising it I think. It’s also a great yardstick to aspire too, I’m always like, ‘Is this good enough? Are you being lazy? What would Stevie do?” So lyrically they’re a constant influence but production wise as well.

You write and produce all your own songs. Is this something that came naturally to you or is it something you’ve worked on?

I always sang and danced at dance school, and I always wrote poetry before I bought a guitar. But I was really really shy before I knew I was sort of allowed to try and be a songwriter. But I just knew I wanted too. So I bought a guitar when I was 16 and taught myself to play by watching Oasis videos. And I just kept writing and learning from there. So I think part of it comes naturally but you’re also inadvertantly working on it by listening and trying to be better. The Producing didn’t come naturally. That was a necessity. It was like, ‘How am I going to get these songs out? I’d better learn to produce!’ That was a long and lonely road of getting Ableton and just making tracks until they started to sound good. I didn’t do a course i just kept at it. And eventually things started to click to the point where now, I’m really proud of what I release.

The music video for ‘By Your Side’ is incredible. How did it come together?

I’m a bit obsessed with vintage clothes and the 80s in general and I have all these pieces I’ve never worn I had this one amazing dress I wanted to use so we were like, “Let’s use this and build lights around it to make it the most 80s scene we can.” My cousin sewed curtains and my friend filmed and my boyfriend directed the smoke machine and fan. We just 80’s it up big time!

What do you have planned for the new year?

Well the big exciting thing for me is that the album will be out in the new year! Eeep I can’t wait. And the seconds single with it. So that’s my main big thing for the new year. Some touring to go with that and some projects I can’t say too much about but I’ve always wanted to write for other artists so I’ll be doing some of that in 2019! But basically this all encompassing dream I’ve had had taken me years to perfect will finally be out for the world to see next year…it’s nerve-wracking but also something I’ve been working towards my entire life so… I can’t wait.

Where can people find your music?

My music is on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play. Kids At Midnight is out there riding the waves of the world wide web. I’m on Unearthed too. Come visit.

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