The Jensens Top 5 Movie Soundtracks

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The Jensen’s have had a killer end to 2018 with the release of their latest single ‘Coma’ and subsequent music video from their highly anticipated third EP due to drop next year. Starring Brisbane gem Sahara Beck, the video takes you into a state of kaleidoscopic trance and you can check it out here!


Delving into the music that accompanies the moving pictures we know and love, the band have paid homage to their top 5 movie soundtracks.

Eddie Vedder – Into The Wild

Joseph: This film and it’s soundtrack absolutely blew me away. I was 14 when I saw it, struggling with my identity, wanting to run away and go on an adventure some place far away from the mundane. This story really struck a chord and Eddie Vedder captures its essence in sound perfectly. From the simple instruction of society, the primal howling and organ drone of the wolf or the joyous sway of hard sun, it’s a beautiful, emotional journey that sticks with you.

Thom Yorke – Suspiria

Nathan: I can see how Thom Yorke took inspiration from Vangelis’ original Blade Runner soundtrack. It’s got a similarly nocturnal and surreal atmosphere, albeit a little more twisted. But more than that, it’s iconic. Everything on this album has a hook, even the most dissonant songs are still extremely catchy. Like the song ‘Volk’ a swirling meditation of ominous piano and droning synthesiser. The sound of perfect bodily grace as a front for pure evil, stuck in my head for three days. And those with Thom’s voice are perfect nuggets of sound we’ll treasure for years. The title track has a sweeping, Sufjan Stevens feel, sewing a thread right through Luca Guadagnino’s music taste. ‘Has Ended’ is dark, sleazy, sitar funk. And of course, the source of many of my own tears, ‘Unmade’ is a song of soul crushing beauty. Of all the times I’ve listened to this album, it sounded the best blasting out of the giant cinema sound system. Even if you’re too scared to watch this completely genius film, buy a ticket anyway, take a blindfold and just listen.

Hans Zimmer – Interstellar

Bodi: Hans Zimmer beautifully captures the intense nature of Interstellar with this soundtrack. These eerie soundscapes and textures you hear make you feel so much suspense, and the sounds used in the film are sounds I’ve never heard before. I take a lot of inspiration from him and this soundtrack is definitely a highlight for me.

John Williams – Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

Phillip: Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith is a most satisfying conclusion to the somewhat imperfect trilogy. Filled with surprise and excitement John Williams’ compositional range evokes feelings of dread, defeat and suffering and in contrast joy, delite and victory. The performance given by The London Symphony Orchestra is powerful yet effortless. Every time I listen to excerpts from this masterpiece I find myself in a galaxy far far away.

Various Artists – Pulp Fiction

Jordan: This is one of my favourite films ever, pretty cliche but it’s just too good. That blaring surf rock guitar of Misirlou accompanying the diner heist to the effortless cool of jungle boogie soundtracking John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson as they talk logistics of European McDonalds. Will always be one of my go to gangster movies and one of Tarantino’s best.

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