Chasing Giants Favourite Songs to Dance To

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The end of 2018 saw Sydney three-piece Chasing Giants revel in their latest release ‘Drunk’. This Peking Duk reminiscent track boasts the trios signature tight genre-blend of rock and r&b and features vocals from Adam Kearns whose voice sits so perfectly in the mix it is as if the song was made for him. ‘Drunk’ delivers major hard-hitting party vibes and is a taste of what’s to come in 2019.

Check out the track here:


Looking back on the danceableness of the track, we asked the boys to give us an insight into their favourite songs to get down and boogie to.


Ben’s Top 3


The Bee Gees – ‘Staying’ Alive’

Can anyone not dance when this comes on? It’s the one track that whatever dance move I do, I feel like a complete idiot but I’m 100% ok with it.


Flo Rida feat. T Pain – ‘Low’

I don’t go out much but when I do this always seems to come on and it’s fun to dance to. Could also be the alcohol but we’ll never know…


Rusted Root – ‘Send Me On My Way’

Ahhh this is my happy song. I downloaded it after watching the movie Matilda one time and it definitely makes me want to do a little happy dance every time I play it. I’m yet to hear it at a club but I presume that’s because there would be too much happiness for a single room to handle.


Maurice’s Top 3


Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars – ‘Uptown Funk’

I mean come on, if your knowledge of the song doesn’t suffice, slammin’ groove, chanting interactive vocals to sing to, and all the while you can pull the best disco moves you can think of! It is a culmination of everything that makes me want to dance in one sweet song.


Michael Jackson – ‘Thriller’

Another great song that comes with its own set of iconic dance moves, except this time you can really get theatrical with it! The goulish tale at the end never fails to send shivers down my spine whilst I am busy giving my best MJ hip thrusts.


Matt Corby – ‘All Fired Up’

Now a bit of a tempo change here, but just recently I had the opportunity to slow dance to this one, and though it is by no means a party starter, it was a magical dance experience.


Jake’s top 3


Bruno Mars – ’24K Magic’

When this album dropped, I reckon I wore through 3 pairs of shoes! To be honest, I could put down every track from this album, but 24K just hits so damn hard that its gotta take 1st place. That side-to-side move in the video clip… almost as catchy as the hook.


Go West – ‘King of Wishful Thinking’

This is the epitome of ‘my cheeks hurt from smiling’. The drums and brass are what make this song move me, I love trying to catch all of the accents with hip thrusts and corny disco points!! And then there’s the breakdown chorus where you pull your girl in close, get intimate for a second, then BAM! Back into that groove.


NxWorries – ‘Suede’

Now I love a good party… but every now and then you just need to crank up the heat, unbutton those top 4 buttons, and get filthy. This is the track to learn the words, sing along, and grind the night away.


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