MzRizk’s Grampians Festival Party Starters

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Hitting Victoria’s Grampians Mountain Ranges for a third year, Grampians Music Festival is back boasting a HUGE lineup of insanely talented Aussie acts including Sampa The Great, Angie McMahon, Wafia, Slum Sociable and more. Taking place Friday 15 – Sunday 17 February, the festival is set to be filled with incredible music, stunning visuals and is aimed to create an inclusive and sustainable environment for the patrons and the land.

We had a chat with DJ MzRizk about the tunes she loves to get the party started!

Sampa The Great Ft. Nadeem Din-Gabisi – ‘Energy’

Sampa’s latest single and video continues the brilliance of Birds and the Bee9. The video is one of the most beautiful and vibrant I have seen in a while.I haven’t stopped playing this since it has been released, the drum pattern and the BVs throughout the track pop off… How can a song be so catchy yet so powerful? Sampa is one of the only artists that can pull off the juxtaposition of dark and light. Lyrically a powerhouse and vocally – Sampa doesn’t sound like anyone else, she can’t be compared to any other MC, that is why she is GREAT!


Cool Out Sun – ‘Fire For (Fire Four)’

I would call this an Afro Super Group… You have Sensible J – amazing producer and drummer, N’FA Jones – one of the most fierce MCs to ever touch a microphone, Nui Moon one of the best percussionists in the country and Lamine Sonko – one of the best voices and musicians who also fronts African Intelligence and is part of another 400 groups because he makes all the music better… ALL TOGETHER they are COOL OUT SUN… they made an album and Fire For was the first single and video, also released on a donut… this song is beast of a tune… N’Fa spits fire quicker than light, the beats and rhythms are infectious and when Lamine comes in with this silky vocals it is all over… This track is Fire…


Milan Ring – ‘Green Light’

Milan is one of the hardest working women in this country… from mastering the guitar to making beats, plus the lush vocals and songwriting. Is there anything Milan does not do? Layered, textured, Green Light is a modern RnB tune that is edgy and catchy… we all appreciate dark tunes we can singalong to. The guitar in this track is a significant point of difference when comparing to other RnB tunes, Milan’s music is a lot more musical than most modern RnB tracks… it is minimal but musical, I appreciate that… I love the layers.


Kaiit – ‘Duffman’

Trying to pick one of my faves from Kaiit was like trying to pick my favourite sneaker, very difficult… Today it is Duffman, I am sure tomorrow it will probs be OG Love Kush… One of my favourites… I have seen Kaiit’s career go from a small loft in Melbourne’s CBD, singing and rapping demos to friends to taking over main stages within months… Jill Scott gives her props, there is a reason for that… Not only can Kaiit write lyrics that people can relate too, not only can she rap these lyrics… she can sing…so beautifully, so soulfully, so hypnotic… There are only a handful of artists that can do both, one of my faves being Phonte… Kaiit does both flawlessly and effortlessly… Just get the EP, it’s all good, it’s all beautiful…


Blasko – ‘Japanese Hotel’

Produced by Tentendo, this track, which i assume is talking about the Love Hotels in Tokyo is one of the sexiest tracks Blasko has released, even though it starts off quite dark, it progresses into positive house… Blasko is one of my favourite voices in Australia. He can sing along to most genres with soul RnB, Soul, House… I am looking forward to the rest of this mixtape once it is released. He reminds me of Nate Dogg, a distinctive voice that makes other songs better when he comes in with the hook… I can tell that he has grown up listening to RnB voices from the 90s… and I ain’t mad at that… that’s when most RnB was actually sexy and tasteful… thanks to Blasko, we have some modern takes on sexy RnB that is actually sexy…


Silent Jay – ‘Roll Over’

Another one of my favourite triple whammy’s… he can produce, he can sing and he can play… with all of these skills, he makes sexy music that reminds me of my favourite, eta… the funk drenched early- mid 80s, West Coast Fonk. Silent Jay has produced for many, including Sampa the Great. This cut is the from the 3rd Mandarin Dreams compilation… This track gets me in my feels, everyone can relate to this one… it is one of those depressing lyrically songs but the beat is so fire so you can only be 50% emotional… this song is so dope, a modern love song that is about sleeping…


Grampians Music Festival 2019

Friday 15 – Sunday 17 February
The Valley Floor, 7 Valley Drive Halls Gap, Victoria


2019 Line Up (In Alphabetical Order):

Alice Skye, Angie McMahon, Batts, Benny Walker, Body Type, Bones and Jones, Cool Out Sun, Hobsons Bay Coast Guard, Huntly, Jade Imagine, Kat Edwards, Milan Ring, MzRizk, Planet, Rat!Hammock, Sagamore, Sampa The Great, Seaside, Slum Sociable, Sweat Dreams DJs, Wafia, White Bleaches + Regional Producer/DJ

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