Time For Dreams on their ‘In Time Remixes’ EP

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As 2018 came to an end, Melbourne dream pop duo Time For Dreams were kicking on with the EP follow up to their 2017 critically acclaimed debut album ‘In Time’, appropriately titled ‘In Time Remixes’. Featuring electronic takes from Dream Kit, Geryon and Simon J Karis, the EP is an exploration into the musicality of the ‘In Time’ album and offers an entirely new listening experience full of dark dub beats and juxtaposing musical ideas. With input from such talented producers, the ‘In Time Remixes’ EP is the perfect accompaniment to the original. Take a listen here:

We asked one half of Time For Dreams Amanda Roff (vocals/bass) a few questions about how the duo found each other, their inspiration and how remixes enhance their music.

How did you two come together to make music?

Tom asked me if I wanted to make music with him one night at the pub. Just popped the question out of nowhere. I was pretty stoked. It was very much like going on a musical date, we were excited to find we had a lot in common and everything was suddenly easy and exciting. This is something that doesn’t happen very often.

What was the inspiration behind ‘In Time’?

We were very inspired by the concept of sonic humidity, trying to create a sort of lushness in the atmospheres and textures of the songs. A lot of architecture inspired tracks on the album too, Zurich airport, Chunking Mansions in Hong Kong, housing commission flats in Glasgow, roof-top bars in Algiers, Greek and Italian nightclubs, Chinatown in Melbourne, Compass Point Studio in Nassau… these are a few I remember looking at a lot. (I mean on the internet. I have never been to any of these places except for Melbourne Chinatown).

The ‘In Time Remixes’ EP is out December 14th. How do you find remixes add to the original tracks?

Remixes subtract more than add to the original tracks, not in a negative sense, but they pick something about the track and enhance it, so you hear parts of the song in an entirely new way, like listening with a microscope.

What gigs do you have coming up and where can people find your music?

No gigs coming up as we are working on new material, the album, the remixes and the single we put out this year are all available from it records bandcamp page, I think there’s some hot deals on t-shirts there too!


Socials links for remix artists:

Dream Kit
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Various Asses
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Simon J Karis
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Time For Dreams

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