Daniel Trakell’s Ultimate Summer Playlist

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Photo credit: Savannah van der Nie

Daniel Trakell has jumped headfirst into 2019 with his latest summer-time offering ‘Wisdom/Boredom’. A reflective piece on the choices people make as life continues to roll on, Trakell effortlessly weaves delicate melodic lines in with his soothing double-tracked vocals. Recorded in Nashville, ‘Wisdom/Boredom’ is our first taste of his upcoming album of the same name.

“Wisdom/Boredom’ is a song about the life-altering decisions which come with growing older. Choices which can seem mundane at first but change the course of our lives, and tough decisions which we agonise over but end up being of little consequence. Often we can’t realise the quality of our judgement until we look back with the wisdom of hindsight.”

To celebrate the success of ‘Wisdom/Boredom’, we asked Daniel to give us an insight into the songs that remind him of summer:

Here’s a playlist of songs I associate with summertime. Some variation of these songs and artists always make their way onto my stereo on long summer trips.

Elliott Smith, The Lemonheads, PJ Harvey and Wilco I heard a lot on Triple J growing up.

Nirvana’s ‘Bleach and Incesticide’ I would listen to on my walkman on long family car trips to the beach or to visit my cousins during summer holidays. When the batteries eventually died and the tape would sound like the music was melting I’d then have to listen to whatever AM radio station my parents had tuned in.

I don’t remember what played specifically, but Todd Rundgren’s ‘Cold Morning Light’ reminds me of that time. All the songs sounded like his album ‘Something/Anything’ to me. That whole record sounds like summer.

‘Going Going Gone’ by The Posies was on the Reality Bites soundtrack which I listened to constantly.

Tom Petty and Big Star I got into later on, there’s something about that jangly 60s’ sound to some of those songs that are so nostalgic and summery sounding.

Catch Daniel during his Thursday night residency at Some Velvet Morning this month.

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